Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obama didn't celebrate Christmas

A lot of right win sources have been harping on how Obama didn't give an official Christmas address, but totally did for Kwanza. It's crap, of course.

And exactly the sort of contentless, narrative-affirming crap Freepers love:

maine-iac7 has a new rumor to monger:
And the usurper in chief gives a state dinner each year in honor of the start of Ramadan - then promptly scoots of to Camp David for the week of Ramadan - where the press cannot intrude - and the sounds of silence in the media is deafening
detective is sure everyone's gotta be a Freeper by now!
Is there anyone out there who still doesn't realize that Obama hates and despises sincere Christians and wants to hurt them?
Blame the non-FOX press, dude!

Jewbacca brings in the obligatory gay thing:

muslim, homosexual, marxist, and illegal alien

The Obama's a homo thing is totally on the rise. I hope it's not a fad, and bubbles up to FOX soon.

Reddy thinks youtube comments are gospel:

Interesting remarks in the comments re: moochelle being with him in the Christmas production but not in the Ramadan video... hmmm... since she’s a woman, she would have had to cover her face while sitting next to the Muslim in Chief?? (not that there would be anything wrong with that!)

MrB is totally living in the Star-Wars universe:

There are only two sides in the cosmic battle,
and if you’re not on Christ’s side,
you’re on the opposing side.


  1. Freepers have long ago left the real world and are now permanent residents of Cloud Cuckoo Land.

  2. Here is a big shout out to the FBI. You guys are keeping watch on these crazy people, aren't you?

    These Freepers are goddamn dangerous people. I am all for free speech but I remember the Kennedy assassination. Keep an eye on these folk, please.