Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vote Rogue

There's an ad out to write in Sarah Palin in Iowa. Freepers buy it enthusiastically!

Windflier notes that drafting candidates has worked before:
Eisenhower resisted all efforts to get him to stand for the nomination, but finally relented to pressure from his supporters when they drafted him at the convention.
Jim Robinson is fully erect behind this.

Go, Sarah!!

If I lived in Iowa, you’d get my vote next week!! You betcha!!

Unfortunately, my vote won’t count out here in la la land.

Rebellion is brewing!!

Go TEA Party!!

Drill, baby, drill!!

Eye of Unk thinks this is another clever Palin tactic!

I don’t think she EVER said she would deny the peoples wishes.

And I totally respect her for NOT playing the predictable standard politics game, changing the tactics shows leadership skills.


Please make it stop!!

Alas, he may be the only one not having fun here.


  1. The eastforker threads are fun, too. He and johniegrad may be the only voices of reason over there. Unfortunately (for Freepers) voices of reason get ignored or zotted.

  2. This is almost as fun as the crazy birther stuff.

    St. Sarah is sitting her pretty little bottom on millions and millions of right wing wacko dollars. She could wallpaper her house with hundred dollar bills. Why in the world would she take on a real job? She quit the last one, didn't she?