Friday, December 9, 2011

Over an Ocean, Darkly.

Freepers have a pretty limited view of American history. Mostly it's limited to things they can spin to show why they are completely right and anyone who disagrees has got to be in bad faith.

But the stuff going on outside of the US? Well then, they have even less incentive for accuracy!

Europe is basically a political tool for Freepers. England is full of pussies and getting islamicized right up until Obama gives the Queen an iPod. Then it's the bestest country ever.

But now people are talking about this whole Eurozone financial crisis thing. Freepers assume they must have an opinion, even if they can't quite blame it all on Obama.

Then, inspiration! Germany seems to be taking some kind of leadership role...Nazis! Freepers know how to act about Nazis. Winner! Post the analysis and then post about how Obama looks like he probably smells bad, secure that your international bona fides remain strong.

AnAmericanAbroad knows all Germans are Nazis at heart:
At the end of her presser, Merkel said “I have achieved exactly what I wanted to. Merry Christmas to all.”

No joke. That’s what she said. And she was smiling when she said it.

Something about Germans smiling after they say “I have achieved what I wanted to” is.......unsettling.
You could make a good argument that the unelected money men have been running things behind the scene for years, in Europe AND America. They’ve just gotten a lot more brazen about it recently.

Well, those international bankers can't be Jewish, cause Neil E. Wright noticed that modern Europe is exactly like Nazi Germany.
The European Union is Hitler's dream, without the gas chambers (yet).
“’Where liberty dwells, there is my country." –Benjamin Franklin

jdsteel manages to meld the the craziness into some kinda crazy-alloy:

The German bankers have done what Hitler could not.

NAZI internatioal bankers!
ronnie raygun thinks we should be worried about things we know nothing about.
Beware of Giethner, he’s making promises we know nothing about
arderkrag is thrilled he can say 'I told you so' to all the voices in his head:
I’m laughing. HARD. Where are all the doomsayers who were crying a few years ago that the EU would outlast us?
EDINVA would like to compare the US to one big Soviet Gulag.
“The Communists lied to their people less than our media does.”

Good point! One difference: the media can’t send us off to Siberia for disagreeing with them. At least literally. They’re too busy turning the whole country into Siberia or Uganda.

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