Monday, December 19, 2011

Michelle Obama's affair

Thanks to commenters for highlighting this story, a juicy snausage of crazy I totally missed.

The Globe (The National Enquirer's less truthful cousin), has a story that Michelle Obama is sleeping with a secret service agent.

Michelle Obama plus sex? Yeah, this scratches a certain bunch of Freepers right where they itch.

Gaffer starts us off classy:

It’s because Barack Hussein isn’t man enough to bring her ‘doublewide’ up to the highway. Not man enough for the bedroom - not man enough for this country. A Muslim Halfrican.


I’m sure this will get as much press as an allegation against Cain...

Which is code for "After Cain got lynched, the truth doesn't matter to us."

castlegreyskull is one of countless Freepers who think this is cause Obama's gay:
I think with all the traveling she plans to do in the next 14 months, she knows she will have a lot of long lonely nights. Especially, with Obama campaigning. She has needs, and he probably barely fulfills them, mostly because he loves men.
indylindy is sure this story has legs. Also Obama is gay:

This just shoots that Leave It To Beaver aura the dems have been creating for the Obozos.

Unless June was sneakin’ around on Ward too. LOL

But then Ward wasn’t gay, well he wasn’t as far as we know.

geege would like us all to know he thinks Michelle Obama is ugly:

Gross....Must be a very desperate man):

txhurl found a pic!

HUMmmmnnnnn... does that agent have his hand on her hip?

Looks like she HAS lost a lot of weight and I can see where he’d be the true black man to help her lose it.

"True black man?"

Fantasywriter lets us know why Obama is ugly. Also gay:

Well let me tell you from a woman’s perspective, there isn’t enough alcohol and/or drugs in the world to make Michelle’s husband seem attractive.

It’s not that he’s a Dem or a Marxist or any of the other unattractive things he is—he just gives off a creep vibe.

As I said upthread, I don’t think he especially likes women. That attitude comes through, and makes him seem just...what’s the word? Unthinkable. If you get my drift.

Fantasywriter follows up that even liberals must hate Obama:

There is just something, I maintain, about a man as mentally and emotionally screwed up as Obama that icks out ninety-nine percent of us. He is psychologically a very broken, unwell, sick and ugly person. He puts on his expensive clothes and struts around for the camera, and yet not even the radical leftists, so far as I know, get a tingle any more. That is because a person as fundamentally screwed up as he is only attracts that tiny percentage that also goes for homicidal maniacs, etc. In this case, they’re not given the platform to express their thoughts/desires [because it wouldn’t reflect well on Obama].

Just sayin’.

libertyhoundusnr is still stuck on Hillary being a secret lesbian:
Nothing was ever said in the press about Hillary’s little meetings at a Washington Hotel with her “girl friends”, yet suddenly Moochele is such a hot item. I doubt the authenticity of this one.
MomwithHope knows what's happening:

Maybe he is just the “turkey baster in chief” so she can be pregnant for the election.


  1. "Fantasywriter" picked an apt handle.

  2. its difficult for her to feel attraction for a puppet (nwobama) i suppose.