Monday, December 12, 2011

Collective punishment

Some blog has a post about how a violent Muslim group in Egypt has declared collective punishment on Christains. Freepers respond with recommendation of genocide (religicide?), i.e. collective punishment times infinity.


bayouranger has a Solution, but leaves it mysterious.
The more I learn about these filthy koranimals the more I'm certain about my solution.
Filthy koranimals.
RightOnline is totaly brave enough to badmouth Muslims on Free Republic:
Well hell, I’ll say it.

They’re despicable, lowlife, murderous, stupid scum who need to be eradicated from the face of the earth. They are a blight on this world.
MeganC thinks Muslims are all Nazis, so killing them is fine.
Opposing Islam and wanting to eradicate it is no different than opposing Nazism and wanting it eradicated given the historical and indisputable FACT that Nazis and Muslims were ALLIED against Western civilization and Judaism.

Supporting the Muslims as they kill Copts and Christians is collaboration not to mention sedition.

And for the record, if the annhiliation of 1.5 billion Muslims is what it takes to attain peace with these people then so be it. I really don’t care because they’d do the exact same thing to us...and worse...if they could get away with it.
And that's why we killed every German. And if you disagree, that's sedition!

muawiyah has the cleansing of Egypt all planned out:
These things can happen in other ways. For instance we might decide to arm the Copts with modern weapons ~ and while they mow down Moslems we keep those guys low by overflying them with fleets of armed Raptors.
Or, we give the Copts a light tactical nuke, and some useful overflights, while they go over to the Aswan high dam and blow it up.

There are really a whole lot of ways to remove ignorant Moslems from Egypt in such a way they won't come back.

So, why won't that happen? Well, we think of ourselves as the good guys. That's literally the only thing between most of the Arabic speaking Moslems and annihilation.

At some point somebody will need to be taught a lesson ~
Yeah, all that prevents genocide is our conscience.

Hodar is a giant, retarded man:
You need to speak to them in a language they are capable of understanding. Speaking to them like an adult, as as great a waste of time as yelling at them in Hebrew, Greek, pig-latin or Spanish. They don’t understand the concept of civilization; so it is contingent upon the Coptics to speak to them in a language they posses the intellectual ability to comprehend.

Blow up their children. Set fire to their homes. Kill them whereever you find them. Attack their Mosques - this is how they apparently communicate. At least, this is how they are appempting to communicate with the Coptics, so perhaps if they make the same effort, the Muslims will learn that this sort of behavior is “wrong”.

Anything less, is simply a sign of weakness.

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