Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Attacking Iran

There's all sorts of chatter about Israel attacking Iran. Secure that Obama won't do anything so low as actually invade (then they'd have to go all hippy), Freepers get their Neo-Con on.

mkjessup knows Obama won't bomb Iran, but if he does it's cause he's playing politics:
"the White House was thrust into action, reassuring the Israelis that the administration had its own “red lines” that would trigger military action against Iran"

Those 'red lines' would be downward arrows on graphs representing plummeting poll numbers for the Kenyan Kid around say, October next year.

Otherwise, Israel is sh*t outta luck if they're depending on the U.S. to do anything about Iran.

Thanks George W. Bush, for talking the talk, and talking the talk, and talking the talk, and then passing it off to your Muslim successor.
DCBryan1 likes to invade countries over 25-year-old grudges:
You idiots need a trigger to attack Iran?!

Here, let me help you with that:

1983 Marine Bombing


Here is another reason:


Twenty-six years ago, the world watched one of the most horrific atrocities taken against innocent civilians—this event was aired live on televisions around the world. TWA Flight 847 was hijacked, terrorists held their captives for seventeen days, and brutally murdered 23-year old Robert Stethem, a proud American and a U.S. Navy diver. This terrorist attack was conducted by the Iranian supported terrorist group Hezbollah.
reefdiver agrees, though at least he limits it to the leadership.
Long memories on that one. The sand rats in charge over there have it coming.
Texas Eagle is concerned because Israel reportedly thinks the Obama administration doesn't lie about everything ever all the time.
“The Israelis view Panetta as an honest broker.”

We are so screwed.

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