Wednesday, December 28, 2011

At least they're not Muslims.

A more fruitful thread about the Ultra-Orthodox Israelis being dicks to little girls who don't dress right:

heylady has a pretty low bar.
animals , just like muslims who behead or stone girls to death. /s
Jewbacca would like to take this story as a reason to reiterate that Muslims are evil.

I don’t defend these idiots.

I do note:

1. If she was a in an arab neighborhood, she would be dead, raped, and/or kidnapped. This would not, however, be newsworthy. Only Jewish folk behaving badly is news.

2. It is other Orthodox Jewish people who are putting a stop to these fanatics -— a direct contrast to how muslims behave, where the looniest rule.

3. The actions of this particular groupd of Haredi are not backed by a sound reading of the Torah or any generally-accepted Rabbinical authority — again, a direct contrast to the koran, the four corners of which contain text directly to this effect.

Linda Frances would like to take this story as a reason to reiterate that the press never covers evil Muslms enough.
Where is the articles on Muslim honor killings and stoning of women??? We've had honor killings here in the US, but how many have newspapers,magazines....reported that?
I'll bet you compare the women stoned, beaten, killed or spit by islamist to Orthodox Jews, it would be a million to one.
new york times and others like them are there only to manipulate ignorant people into believing lies likes “most islamist are peaceful and most Orthodox Jews are violent”.
BlackVeil thinks the girl is a plant:
I have some doubts about the this particular case, which has made such a splash in the media. The innocent young attrative girl is an ideal image. Yet the story presents few details as to why she is menaced - it just says she believes she is. Other women living in the area have been harassed by the loons, but these ones are either not so photogenic, or don’t want to be in a media campaign.
ClearCase_guy knows these Orthodox aren't fanatics, they're false flags!

Sounds like Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptists have a sister chapter within the ultra-orthodox Jewish community. Question: “How can we make our religion look really, really bad to the rest of the world?”

mas cerveza por favor knows how to stay Right Thinking:

Religious zeal is a good thing but only if it is for the True Faith.

Though a lot of Freepers do call him on this.

James C. Bennett just wants to kill these guys too.
Sometimes, animals disguised as humans ask to be taken out. These freaks are literally begging to be machine-gunned into lawn fertiliser. It's the same disease that afflicts the bulk of the subscribers to that human cancer called Islam.

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