Thursday, December 1, 2011

Red Dawn 2 - The CHICOM Protocol.

Some Georgetown students have estimated the number of nuclear weapons China has. Aparently they have over twice as many as we do? So they can blow up the world 11 times, and we can only do so five times.

This means, of course, that the US is doomed, and it's all Obama's fault.

Truth29 knows Obama's unhappy:
The professor and his students will probably be investigated by the Obama Administration to try and discredit their work.
Meet the New Boss thinks the WaPo only did this story to feed info to their Chinese masters:
In case this activity somehow missed the attention of the Chinese authorities, the Washington Post wanted to be sure they knew what these students were up to.
sten thinks we're screwed
don’t worry. our stockpile of 1500 will be brought down to under 150 before 0bama leaves office

and the weapons grade uranium... it’ll find its way into reactors to be burned

we’re screwed and the vast majority of the US has no idea how bad. with our military getting more and more pc, it’d be a wonder if a massive majority of them also miss the obvious
Have you seen Red Dawn ?
That movie was so prophetic.
Now that we've lost Patrick Swayze, I fear there is no hope for our ragtag bands of high schoolers.

jimpick knows only Republicans care about Chinese nukes:
At least not all college students are pinko commie scum that protest with OWS. These are the guys who will offer some sane advice when they grow up.
Kenny Bunk sees tunnels everywhere.
Until a CHICOM tunnel accidentally comes up in the courtyard of the Pentagon, our military will probably continue to turn a rather blind eye to this sort of underground threat, just as they did for the Tunnels of Cu Chi in Vietnam, where the NVA and Viet Cong had a veritable IRT line, complete with massive underground bases, from Hanoi to Saigon!
Another example, Chernobyl, which was a plant dedicated to producing weapons-grade fissionable products, with electricity as sort of a sideline, was connected to weapons factories by many miles of tunnels.

I would not doubt for an instant that the Iranians are tunneling away like moles to protect their nuke capabilities.
I think James Bond fought the forces of CHICOM in one of the lesser known movies.

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