Friday, December 30, 2011

Liberals cannot be reasoned with!

Freepers project hilariously.

MrB is amused how liberals think everyone else is evil, since they challenge their assumptions:

What’s funny about liberals is that they don’t understand the concept of a “worldview” as a lens of assumptions through which all input is filtered and subsequently all conclusions are reached.
Their mindset, I guess, is that what they assume or believe “just is”, and has nothing to do with presuppositions. Since they can’t self-examine and accept that they have said presuppositions, there’s no way to get them to understand that others have other presuppositions.

Others are either “stupid”, “wrong”, or downright “evil”.

skeeter thinks liberals contempt for those with different points of view mean they are kinda evil.
I am even more skeptical of the typical liberal’s intentions - good intentions and the intense contempt they obviously feel towards those with different points of view cannot coexist within the same brain.
Common Sense 101 is pissed at how morally inferior liberals always pretend like they're all morally superior:

Herein lies one of the greatest paradoxes of liberalism… exactly HOW can one portend to suggest they are morally superior when they openly espouse moral relativism or worse, immorality?

no-to-illegals knows liberals never admit mistakes. Unlike Freepers, who do so all the time.
Being a human one should be more than willing to come forward and say, “I was mistaken, and I made a mistake.” Because of my upbringing I do admit mistakes. Cannot remember the last time I witnessed this or the above quote from a liberal, whereupon a liberal admitted a mistake. Being human, all make mistakes. Liberals must think they are gods
Old Retired Army Guy's brother won't become a Freeper, despite all the hilarious e-mails he sends. Proof he's close-minded.

I have a brother who is a retired school teacher and lives in CA. He is a died in the wool Democrat and I learned long ago not to talk politics with him as it is like talking to a wall. Once in awhile, I email him little humorous digs about his party and liberal positions, but his response is usually “mute”. Bottom line is we aren’t going to change Liberals opinions, we just have to outnumber them.

chimera has an example!
I am reminded of the recent attempts by conservative students to get satirical petitions signed to "redistribute excessive GPA" (you can see some of the videos on Youtube).
The liberal students they encountered who refused to sign it literally went into brain freeze when confronted by the contradictions in their "beliefs". They got that deer-in-the-headlights look and usually walked away muttering "it's not the same thing as taxes".
But you could see the utter astonishment in their faces that, first, someone would actually challenge their liberal beliefs using reason and logic, and, second, that they might be right.
College republicans, on the other hand, do super well when challenged.

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  1. Just a few days ago one of my ancient relatives told me that President Obama is just like Hitler.

    I love that old guy and he can do whatever he wants. But I do tell him sometimes that he has got to stop watching Fox News.