Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gunwalker: This time for real. Again.

Noted evil MSM outlet CBS now reports that they've found a document that could be interpreted as the ATF using the ATF's gun sales as evidence that American guns are heading to Mexico.

But the thread is less than 40 posts long. It's not like Freepers have given up hope. I think it's because there is nothing new to be said, since they went straight to 'OBAMA'S TREASON' mode the moment this started.

BCR #226 is such a tough guy, threatening Congress on the Internets and all.
Every single person involved in F&F needs to stand before the family of Brian Terry and explain and apologize for what they have done. They need to get on their hands and knees and beg forgiveness and if the family beats them to death, accept the punishment for what it is.

F&F was the last straw. We’re done with this. You have a choice Congress, you repeal the laws or we’re going to do it for you. If we do it, we’re taking it all. Every last bit of it. We’re not going to stop until ALL the gun laws are gone. We’re gonna jam it so far up your arse that you’ll be puking from it.

Hunton Peck thinks the reporter will get assassinated.
Their reporter Sharyl Attkisson has been on it from the start. I hope she has good insurance.

The fact that not one of the scores of people Freepers know Obama will assassinate have suffered any sort of mishap at all doesn't seem to discourage them.

Venturer knows that if you repeat a third-hand, vague assurance enough times, it becomes evidence!
Obama working under the radar.

Obama working under the radar.

Obama working under the radar.

Obama working under the radar.

Obama working under the radar.

This goes to the top and Obama should be impeached

In my opinion, everything about this Regime reeks of Nazi Germany and the Fuhrer.

And from there it's all discussions of how Nazi/Traitor Obama should be hanged. We've been there before.

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