Monday, December 26, 2011

Newt fails to get on the Virginia Primary Ballot

Another Fresno Grifter find.

Seems like just about everyone who is not Romney or Ron Paul has failed to get enough signatures to satisfy Virginia's restrictive ballot laws.

In a rare treat, this has made Free Republic Founder Jim Robinson crazy! This dude never posts, and when he does it's usually large vanities. But here he's totally active in this thread he started starting a Facebook petition (those always work!).
Dude is clearly not a fan of rules:

Jim Robinson writes a post on the Virgina GOP facebook page. And by post, I mean purple, purple prose:

You people are absolutely nuts for trying to keep Newt Gingrich off the Virginia ballot! In case you haven’t noticed, Newt Gingrich is the leading Republican contender for the presidency nationwide and in VIRGINIA!!

You are attempting to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of Republican conservatives in Virginia who would mark their ballots for Newt Gingrich. He’s a favorite among the conservative base and the tea party.

And Rebellion is brewing!! Advise you get your act together and get him on the ballot!! This treachery will not be allowed to stand without a whole lot of blowback!! On YOU!!

I hope he talks like that in real life.

Jim Robinson is threatening Rebellion!

I don’t care what it takes, but Virginia had best get his name on that ballot!!

Rebellion is brewing!!

To be fair, he adds that on the end of about 2/3 of his posts.

Jim Robinson lays out his case:
there’s no reason not to allow Santorum, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, et al, on the ballot, assuming they’re still in the race after the early primaries. There’s no doubt that they are legitimate Republican candidates.
legitimate candidates - JimRob knows it when he sees it.

Jim Robinson is acting a bit kooky:

Yeah, Not again in Va! You betcha. These yahoos should get their act together pronto!

I'd like to see a few thousand grassroots conservatives and tea party people cheerfully "occupy" their offices.
Occupy? But that's what evil pooping, raping Marxist hippies do!

Diogenesis thinks Romney is the cause of all the GOP's current problems:
The "rules" in Virginia favor(ed) Romney since

he was EXEMPT from the the "rules",
that made a "St." not a street ... to exclude the Speaker.

FReepers and America have watched
Team Romney 'hack' down Gov. Palin (and her children),
Mr. Cain, and previously Sen. Thompson, Gov. Huckabee,
... as Romney has helped and lauded Obama.

It is NO secret that the GOP is on open 'double secret probation'
and is about to go DOWN THE TUBES
and the way of the dinosaurs and Whigs.

By their choice ... and the 'helmlock' of Rove.

And given the lack of moral fiber of the lying RINOs
the sooner the better for America.
savedbygrace thinks it was an inside job!

I’m even more convinced today that it was in inside job in the Gingrich campaign.

I understand there were a lot of sigs turned in without addresses. Those had to be reviewed by somebody in the campaign organization before, way before, sending the pages in to the VRP.

So, somebody (or several somebodies) should have pulled them way before last week. This would have been a trusted somebody, if you know what I mean.

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  1. Freepers hate it when people don't follow the rules. Except when following the rules favors someone they don't like or goes against someone they like. Then they suddenly love cheating.