Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lack of perspective

Freepers use reports that Al Queida is re-branding as an occasion to compare it to liberals:


They should just call themselves the Middle East Democrats.

G Larry finds concentrating your hate on a smaller sub-group of liberals:

“AQORN” is available....
Same mission statement too!

Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! agrees that ACORN is too good a villain to let go just because they've been dissolved.

They will merge with the new ACORN. Obama probably has them on speed dial in his blackberry.

JimSEA actually uses the story in the expected way - to hate on American Muslims

Look, their only “problem” image-wise with the Arab street post-9/11 has been their inability to aggressively follow up. No name change will help that. Thank God.

buwaya concentrates on the terrorism of the Sierra Club.

Of course they do have a marketing strategy.
Terrorist organizations need to recruit like anyone else.
There is a whole marketing network, combining internet sites, video producers, radical mosques and sympathisers in regular mosques, on the lookout for likely lads. And then theres the fundraising. I’m sure there are rolodexes with people to hit up.

The whole thing seems pretty much like the Sierra Club or Oxfam or the World Wildlife Fund, except for the direct mail.

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