Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sheriff Joe versus ICE

The DoJ is investigating Sheriff Joe Arpaio for prejudiced policies against Hispanics. Part of this seems to be investigating purported illegals Arpaio's men send them.

Just the thing to start up Freepers' anti-illeagal engines once again:

butterdezillion is responsible for like half the posts on this thread. He likes hyperbole, and does not like Mexicans.

DHS, Holder, and a bunch of other agencies are arming Mexican drug cartels, aiding in covering up the truth, demanding that they be the only ones who can enforce the laws, and then refusing to enforce the laws. They are literally holding this country hostage by refusing to let anybody but them enforce law and then refusing to do it themselves.

These people are declaring war on America openly.

butterdezillion thinks this is birther-related:
One lie is never enough, and I was saying back in January of 2010 that if we allowed the criminal actions of Obama in regards to his eligibility to go unchecked it would lead to full-out lawlessness.
That’s exactly what we’re seeing. Anybody who claims this is a fringe issue needs to look at what these criminals in positions of power are willing to do to cover for Obama, who they know to be an illegal, criminal usurper and enemy combatant in the White House.

They are willing to throw out all law enforcement.

csense also sees this as revenge for Sheriff Joe dabbling with birtherism:
I don't think the Feds are going to back down on this if it's related to Arpaio's investigation of Obama's birth certificate, and it very well may be.
Short of a National outcry (and even then, they'd revert to simply indicting him)I think they're going to squeeze his balls until he says uncle, or, more likely, squeeze the citizen's balls until they make him say uncle.

I don't think I'm wrong in assuming that having the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice breathing down your neck, isn't fun, and I'm sure they can make your life a living hell. Whatever he did, he pissed off some important people.
Bobalu has a plan - take hostages!

Arpaio should put up a large tent city, armed guards on towers, refuse entry to all federal officials, hold all the detainees there indefinitely. Feed them only what is delivered and paid for by the fed gov.

AmericanInTokyo has a solution:

Weapon and ammo up, even further folks.

bert has a plan:

arrest and jail ICE officers. Arrest and jail DHS and DEA and ATF officers.

dennisw knows what this is!

This is Gov’t perpetrated anarchy. Also known as anarcho-tyranny

Don’t back down Sheriff Joe!

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  1. Butterdezillion is a female, by the way. She has her own birther blog where she has documented all the "lies" she thinks she's found. Needless to say, she is completely delusional and totally nuts.