Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cain Crazy continues.

An anonymous commenter found a pretty amusing quote on a pretty amusing thread:

After the initial shock at Freepers' Great Black Hope dropping out, Freepers' unhappiness has curdled into defensive bitterness and/or escapist flights of fancy.

shimbo thinks Cain was a Test:
Worshiping false idols.

Cain was a test, the second test, because so many failed the first test.
HiTech RedNeck knows it's not Cain's fault he's just so hot:
Herman Cain gets called a skirt chaser?

I think it’s more like a few troubled women were chasing his handsome pants, were rebuffed (even if politely), and the proverbial fury that hell hath not like a woman scorned kicked in.

And they expected his wife to have been told... get real! If you’re a loving hubby are you going to tell your wife that unstable women are chasing your pants? And give her all kinds of anxiety and jealousy attacks? No, you’re going to refuse the women’s advances AND keep it quiet to the wife unless it gets so ridiculous that they begin involving her too.
chris37 is writing in Cain:
I trip out when I see threads about so who will Herman Cain supporters give their support to? Try ****ing no one. You folks that got played for suckers deserve whatever the Hell you get.
struggle thinks this is all Cain's masterful gambit:
Wait until Cain runs for VP.

Newt bought Cain out - Cain will endorse him soon.

When Newt wins Super Tuesday, guess who he’ll announce as his VP?

Herman Cain. And all Cain has to do in the VP debates is mention Biden’s “stellar” role in getting the stimulus to work and iterate his own skill at saving bankrupt institutions.

Check, MATE!
combat_boots gives the petty, petty prayer that got Anonymous Commenter's attention in the fist place. And it is indeed splendorous:
In the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I ask for these murmurers and hateful men and women who are gloating over Cain’s suspension of his campaign to experience the wrath of God.

Deliver his family, Lord, from these people, and spare us their hateful spew.

May their electrical connections falter, their prepared remarks sheets disappear, their makeup run, their hairpieces fall off, and their teeth show up with bits of food between them.

May we see the demons in their countenances and their soulless eyes show the redness of their foulness.

May their stupidity overshadow their intelligence and their memories fail them at inopportune moments.

May THEY experience now what they heap on Cain, conservatives and Godly people.


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  1. I'm sorry, but Cain has "handsome pants"? That has to be a ridiculous record even for the freepers.