Monday, December 26, 2011

skinny, ghetto crackhead

Commenter Fresno Grifter has been busy digging up the crazy that gut buried over the holiday:

So Brent Bozell said, "How long do you think Sean Hannity’s show would last if four times in one sentence, he made a comment about, say, the President of the United States, and said that he looked like a skinny, ghetto crackhead?"

So far, just a rather racially charged hypothetical

Then he said, "Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does." Which is really edge close to straight-up saying "Obama is a skinny, ghetto crackhead," but doesn't quite pull that trigger.

Have no fear, though, Freepers are happy to oblige:

knows Obama is more fancy-evil than a mere junkie:

Actually looks like a crack seller and pimp.

Lakeshark denies Obama the nobility of poverty:
Pfft. He’s never seen a ghetto.

Untrue. Untrue. They often pass them in their limo..........
oldbrowser feels victimized already:

The media has been waiting and waiting for someone to make a statement like that so they can play the race card for years to come. This will be shown as absolute proof that the conservatives are racists.


They said worse about Bush.

Alas, no links were forthcoming.

ROCKLOBSTER knows no insult of Obama is complete without a few additions:
Hussein Obama looks like a gay skinny, ghetto crackhead moslem Communist. (with big floppy ears)
Well, he DOES look like a skinny, blue-lipped crackhead. The truth must hurt much.
Cowgirl of Justice:

But his lips are so blue anymore. Either is it lipstick or maybe a brown tattoo? He is so thin-skinned that he def has had something done about it.


  1. I've looked and looked at pictures of Obama but I just don't see the blue lips. Most likely Freepers are hallucinating. It wouldn't surprise me.

  2. Existing in a fact-free echo chamber can cause people to come unto some interesting delusions, that's for sure.