Thursday, December 22, 2011

Republicans Cave on Payroll Tax

After enduring about two days of awful press regarding their intransigence on the payroll tax hike, it seems Boehner got the Tea Party in line and managed to vote for McConell's compromise bill. But not after much political bloodletting.

Freepers, of course, see this not as an unforced error by the Tea Party caucus, but as surrender!

MichaelP sums it up:
How stupid! Why pick a fight and then give in? Now the rats look like winners.

Was there any doubt at all that the timid little geek would give in to the big bully on the corner?

I continue to be amazed at how much Freepers love the high-school bully imagery.

Venturer is pissed that Boehner didn't even have the decency to ruin Obama's vacation.

Boehner folded up like a cheap suit, as expected.

Obama’s Air Force One plane is warming up for the Hawaii flight even as we speak.

Obama nailed it again.

Thanks for nothing Mr. Boehner

clintonh8r plans a Tax Revolt
There's really only one way to stop this.

Forget eletions. Starve the beast. Stop paying taxes. It will take courage and millions of people, but somehow it must be done.
Worked great in 2009!

Terry Mross sees this as proof the Republicans are working with Obama in some kinda grand conspiracy

The GOP is not that stupid. They knew exactly what they were doing. They’re helping to get obama re-elected. All they had to do was say “The democrats and obama say they want a year extension. Come February we will remind them.” Now come February they’ll be the heartless republicans who were taken hostage by the tea party and “tried to raise taxes at Christmas”.

As I said on another post when, Romney gets beaten by obama the story will be “Tea Party Extremist Voters Stayed Home”. And that will be the story whether they stay home or not.

GeronL is unhappy:

Surrender in progress

Dawggie works blue:

Yup. Never make a deal with a liberal. You get the shaft and the lib gets lucky.


I think John BONER needs to be shown the door.
There is no opposition party. This is sick.


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