Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Freepers still super into Sarah Palin

Good lord, cults of personality are hard to kill!


If Romney gets nominated, then we in effect have a one party political system.

Then, I would welcome a third party run by [Palin].

ak267 thinks Sarah skeptics are like wife beaters:

I’m finding it laughable that those dismissing Sarah are the ones who have (or will) be asking for her endorsements or support from her base. If Sarah doesn’t play ball, and doesn’t do the right things which makes the critics happy, then it’s NO SOUP FOR YOU.

It’s like slapping the wife then saying “Oh honey, I’m sorry, please forgive me. I won’t do it again.”

Next time, just put on the “wife beater” t-shirt.

bigbob has the answer:

Sarah Palin + 999 = Morning in America

Palin + Cain = Reagan? That must be the new math.

Silentgypsy knows this is all part of her awesome plan.
she’s pretty crafty. Can you imagine how frustrated the dems would be, not ever being able to figure out what she’ll do next? Her driving media crazy during her bus tour was great fun! She doesn’t compromise her principles, but her eliptical approaches to her ends would make Tsun Tzu proud.

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