Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Newt vs. Glenn Beck

Newt was insufficiently doctrinaire in a recent interview with Glenn Beck. Freepers are conflicted. And by conflicted, I mean insane:

Halfmanhalfamazing is not happy with Newt's use of government:
Let’s go with Newt, let’s recruit our own big government guy and tell those democrats........... We’ll show them! Our big government guy is better than their big government guy!

Big government forever! :-) Won’t it be great?

See. We showed them.
kabar noticed that Newt wants dialogue, which is bad for the Right:
Newt did not say that there was no global warming or that it was not manmade. He called for greater dialogue on college campuses to discuss the facts.

This is the way the typical Washington bureaucrat approaches problems, i.e., form a committee to study the problem and then file the study away. Debating the issue on college campuses is just another Newt solution that bears no relevance to reality.
Waryone knows being willing to engage the Enemy is how it starts:
Consensus is the best Newt has to offer. But just wait till the dems start calling the lib Senators from Tennessee radical right wing extremists. Then the consensus will be communist ideas that moderate liberal ideas on the right and marxist ideas on the left.

The democrats will band together with a group of RINOs who will look to Newtie for cover. They will ram through every liberal idea, Soros program, defense cut, illegal giveaway and tax increase that they can think up. That is what you get when you put your faith in a RINO.
adc is conflicted to the point of self-contradiction:

I don’t trust Newt. At all. That being said, good idea guy yes,

but he can NOT beat Obama with the independents, Hollywood types, libs, no nothings, and the rest. Beating O is my bottom line.

"Newt? Secret Liberal.

Good ideas though.

Liberals don't like him enough."

Major Matt Mason is willing to settle, so long as the Left doesn't get power ever again:

Gingrich isn't perfect - none of these candidates are, and I'm beginning to think that expecting the GOP to produce one is a pipe dream.

But I'm sure he'll be more right than wrong on most issues. Let's not kid ourselves, the mess in DC will not be turned around overnight, and one GOP president won't be able to get it all done.

It will take a succession of GOP presidencies to get this country headed in the right direction, which means conservatives need to be engaged like they haven't been before.

We've mostly let the Left do their damage to this country over the past several decades, but this can't be the case going forward.

Toespi just assumes Obama will declare martial law, so nothing matters:

After giving this some thought....there is a damn good chance, if you read the news, that we won’t have a choice in who we vote for, won’t even be an election.

Obama, the sleeper, has everthing aligned. Unstable economy and high unemployment creates dependency on the government, radical islamists in power in the ME, class warfare creating his own civilian army made up of private & public unions, OWS, illegals, blacks and other minorities ready to explode, SB 1827, creating immediate martial law and the list goes on.

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