Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama is the laziest supervillain

Freepers are never ones to be rational. But between their indictment of Obama as behind everything bad that has ever happened, and their defense of Bush's vacations, the amount they push the idea that Obama's vacations are evidence he's lazy is hilarious.

Hell, he doesn't even need to be on vacation! FOX published that Obama has nothing on his schedule today except lunch. Clearly, the President only does stuff on his schedule.

Yaelle speculates Obama is probably having gay sex:

The rest of the day he’ll be interviewing new Body Men, and you know how strenuous that can be.

puppypusher knows Obama's apathy is equaled only by his rage:

He really doesn’t care much for the American people, that is other than to make them paupers.

brownsfan laments that the secret of this Thursday will remain buried.

You’ll never see something like this outside of Fox. The general public will remain unaware.

I love it when people like Sacajaweau channel the evil cartoon version Obama they have in their head:
Hey Plugs...I'm leaving for Hawaii for a well deserved vacation and so I don't have to talk to the media. You old head in the sand technique.

Why not my home in Chicago?? Are you crazy?? I'd need 1000 SS guards to protect me.

The kids missing school?? So what...Who's going to fail them??

Anyways, while I'm gone, just keep harrassing the's what you do's about all you do.
muddler thinks this is the beginning of martial law:

Gearing up for the big roundup of TEA party insurgent hostage taking terrorists?


he has to be the most laziest hands of President we have ever had.

All he ever does is campaign.

campaigning is sooo easy!

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  1. Freepers are so funny...they complain when Obama does nothing and they complain when he does anything. They're determined to be unhappy as long as he's president no matter what.