Monday, December 19, 2011

This Loose Cannon Fires at Socialism!

Newt is talking about impeaching, ignoring and arresting judges that he doesn't like. Head Freeper Jim Robinson is a fan. Freepers fall into line.

(Well, they do on this thread. On the non Jim Robinson thread, there is a lot more optimism.)

Jim Robinson

We’ve been complaining for years on FR that liberal activist judges are destroying our liberty and here we finally have a candidate with the balls to take them head-on. Go, Newt!!

reasonisfaith has no idea what a loose cannon is:

This cannon is shooting at socialism.

DManA thinks the courts need some modernizing:

Our whole legal system is not up to snuff. You can’t run a 21st century nation with a 17th century legal system.

We have a country where we can design and build an airliner with a million pieces in 5 years but a simple legal question can take 10 years to decide.

It isn’t working.

But...the Constitution!

onyx lays it out:
Religious liberty is a locomotive on a set of tracks, heading full steam against another locomotive called the “radical gay agenda.” Religious liberty and the radical gay agenda cannot exist in the same nation at the same time. Leaders of both movements know this. One will win. One will lose. Soon. Very soon.

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