Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday Pix

Obama has superpowers, but they're gay so it sucks.


Did you know that all crimes in America this year were committed by Muslims?

When you post the Onion cartoons without irony, you may have a problem.

That's some careful cropping of that graph!

...the hell?

Freepers are really going all out with the Obama is gay thing. I can only hope this is the rout they go in 2012.


  1. Someone called combat boots hates George Will and the media so, so much!

    "In the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I ask for these murmurers and hateful men and women who are gloating over Cain’s suspension of his campaign to experience the wrath of God. Deliver his family, Lord, from these people, and spare us their hateful spew. May their electrical connections falter, their prepared remarks sheets disappear, their makeup run, their hairpieces fall off, and their teeth show up with bits of food between them. May we see the demons in their countenances and their soulless eyes show the redness of their foulness. May their stupidity overshadow their intelligence and their memories fail them at inopportune moments. May THEY experience now what they heap on Cain, conservatives and Godly people.

  2. I love how Freepers just automatically assume that God and the Founding Fathers take their side on everything.

  3. Hey Ozy, rather than linking from wherever Freepers are hosting their own pics, you may want to consider re-hosting them on imgur.

    To avoid image-leeching for one thing, but more importantly to keep from getting broken links if the pictures get taken down.