Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Pix

This primary is so awesome.

Everyone knows a real President never takes a bad picture and is immune to photoshop.

The Obama is a Muslim thing is on the rise again.

Yep, all Muslims are like the Ft. Hood shooter.

Wait, so the hammer and sickle is in some kind of spooky prison? How is this Christmas?

Freepers - counting chickens before the election always ends well for them!

Gotta say, this is kinda perfect.


  1. Is it just me or did they switch the colors on that primary map?

  2. A week old but:

    ''Michelle Obama Having Affair With Secret Service Agent!''

  3. If anyone likes birther nonsense, this one is fun.

  4. I love birther nonsense. And I know that Free Republic is the best place to get it. I said this once before, they're not just beating a dead horse. They're cracking a whip on a gravestone where the horse's rotting corpse has been buried for three and a half years and screaming, "Giddyap!"

  5. Anybody else laugh, knowing that whoever made the Perry photoshop likely has "gay cowboy" in his Google (or Bing) search history?