Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Now This Word from Outer Space

Freeper is my Religeon edition:

Well, how many true Churches are there? Which ones have the truth? I have taken
courses on this subject and on the origins and history of Christianity so I have
studied the issue. Maybe, the Jews are correct? Do you know? I do know Religion
takes Faith (and some reason). Christianity is a reasoned religion, thanks to
the patristic period and St. Augustine, and St. Thomas Aquinas and many others.

I have also seen the heresy of Bishops—even Cardinals and Popes and right now,
with the New Age religions-—most still calling themselves “Christian” (are a
joke) and they adopt the theology which is the opposite of the words in the
Bible. These people should NOT be allowed to call themselves Christian—and
neither should the Mormons.

To me—the orthodox Christians— the Evangelicals who resist popular culture and Jews are true to the Biblical texts—I advocate most of their Theology—it is productive and a good and effective way to live for societies. It leads to flourishing families and protects children. I love the Protestant roots of America and those many Christians (and the couple of Deists) were profound thinkers—after all, they were affected by the writings of Thomas Reid and logic of St. Thomas—through John Locke.

The New Age (irrational) thinking is a joke to reason and a corruption of the Bible. I am not putting down those Christian churches that are not Catholic, if they adhere to their Calvinistic roots and/or Biblical texts.

In fact, although I am Catholic, I highly respect the logic of both Martin Luther and john Calvin, but I love the theology of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas more, and that is why I have faith in the Catholic Church despite all the heretics inside it and teaching at Catholic Universities.

That Satan has infiltrated the Catholic Church was bound to happen. BUT, I love the Theology of the Catholic Church.

St. Thomas perfected the ideas of Natural Law Theory in his Summa Theologia and those ideas were as perfect as man can get-—and were adopted by the Founding Fathers and put directly in the Constitution and Legal System of America because those ideas were inserted into John Locke’s theories (all logical, empirical thinking) and were the basis and the foundation that triggered The Age of Reason-—this set off by no other than the Catholic Church and Scholasticism created by the Catholic Church.

True—the Catholic Luther was the impetus that got the ball rolling—but he not only brought forth great wisdom—he also directly caused great reform in the Catholic Church.

That being said—no earthly organizations are perfect—they can’t be because they are made up of human beings-—but I just look at the Theology. Pagan ideas???? Seeping into the Churches....yes, big problem...and it has destroyed many once vibrant “churches”.

Are you actually trying to say there are NO false “Christian” “churches” with false teaching, when the Bible warns of this?

Christian Churches that condemn homosexual acts and child molestation are indeed, practicing Christianity—and I respect any Christian Church that adheres to Biblical Texts— not only on homosexuality, though, but on abortion, contraception, etc. The Bible is very clear on a lot of issues—including the evil of communism—that force and evil control over one’s private property—particularly a person’s conscience and body.

A Catholic Calling the Pope a Heretic, yet defining Christain as hating the gays, abortion and Communism brought to you by savagesusie

P.S. The Bible is very clear on evil government control over a person's conscience and body, but also Pro Life and anti Homosexual!

I'd rather figure out about angels and pins

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  1. George Carlin long ago recognized the hypocrisy of Reagan running on getting government off of your back and out of your life, but not minding government being in a woman's uterus when it came to abortion. Seems Freepers still haven't gotten the message.