Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Potpouri

eCSMaster is still crying about Harry Reid's win in Nevada:

Sharron Angle couldn't beat the 50,000+ fraudulent votes that were created for Reid by his union thugs.

Nobody could beat that.
The government not banning incandescent light bulbs proves miss marmelstein just can't win:

Now I have 12 years of 100 watts stored in my garage for no good reason! Grrrr....I hate government!

"The government made me do something crazy! Damn government!"

Jack Hydrazine has an interesting take on Star Trek:

In the Star Trek universe were no Muzzies except Khan and his followers. And look what happened to them.

Probably cause that super-Christian Star Fleet wiped them out.

swampfox101 has faith:

Not to worry, Newt will win. The tea party folks will not allow the establishment to pick another moderate looser like Mittens.

This primary is so win-win.

Diogenesis is some kinda Mitt Romney birther:

Backstabber Moot Romney is an ineligible [have we not
had enough damn foreigners and ineligibles running America]
who is a dog abuser/RomneyCARE enforcer

Texas resident - Obama has leashed his feral humans...for now.

If it looks like baraq is going to lose, I would expect a scorched earth campaign from the white house and his media.

IMO, if baraq loses, he will unleash his feral humans, burn down the white house and skip the country with the missing 1.2 Billion that just can’t be found (MF global).

If he wins, we will become Venezuela quickly.

IbJensen knows the real problem with the US - rampant youth masturbation.

They live for self-pleasure and don’t give a damn about anyone else. This practice affects an important part of one’s brain and directs the masterbater to seek internet porn and, in many cases, leads the pleasure seeker to hard-core pornography and homosexuality.

What this already diseased society needs is an OK to descend into more sinful behavior that directs the nation’s youth into depravity.

bridgemanusa mixed up 'brave' with 'anti-social dick.'

A few years back in the liberal bastion I reside in I walked up to the voter check-in-hag and flashed her my drivers license. The look of horror on her face almost made me burst out laughing. She said “I don’t need to see that” and shockingly looked away. So, naturally, I shoved it back at her and said “shouldn’t make sure it’s actually me?” to which she replied “No! Please put that away.”

The smirk on my face really p’d off pretty much everyone there. It made my day!

I think we should ALL consider doing this next election cycle just to make a point.

NRA1995 has an idea of how to deal with the Occupy guys:

Every one of the ones caught should be horsewhipped and made to work picking lettuce or some such job.

B.O. Plenty likes his violence by proxy:
I am waiting (maybe wishing?) for the day to see union thugs with ax handles and crescent wrenches going thru the fleabag would be fun to watch...
Texas Gal just wants to RICO charge everything she doesn't like:

I wonder why the Occupy movement isn’t investigated with a possible RICO charge in mind since they want to disrupt legitimate commerce.


  1. I had to check just to make sure that the masturbation one wasn't posted by savagesusie. IbJensen seems to be a less wordy version of savagesusie.

  2. And miss marmelstein isn't the only one hoarding incandescent bulbs. ProtectOurFreedom was going to fund his retirement with 50 years worth of them and mojitojoe is planning on handing them down to his grandchildren as family heirlooms. Condor51, on the other hand compares it to saving 7 cents a stamp when he only sends out mail less than once a month.

  3. I'm very confused by the driver's license post. What could possibly be on his license that (he thinks) would make a "liberal" recoil in horror?

  4. @MJO,
    It's not what was on his driver's license, it's that he showed it at all. He probably mistook a look of confusion for a look of horror.