Thursday, March 24, 2016

Freepers will vote Dem to torpedo McCain

Free Republic may be on the wane, but I still think it is a bellwether for a good amount of the GOP.

A test of this will be the Arizona Senate election of John McCain in November. Because Freepers, never big McCain fans even in 2008, have over the years found no shortage of sins to add to his permanent record. Nowadays they think he's a Democratic plant to hand the election to Obama and sabotage Sarah Palin, and speculate that the Viet Cong turned him into a communist. This hatred has reached the point of calling on their Arizona brethren to vote for the Democrat just to spite him.

Popman still manages to hate Obama a bit more:
-—“There’s still a little bit of animosity between him and the base,” said Adam Deguire——

That just may be the understatement of the year...

I depise McCain almost as much as Obama...
harpu is at the hates to hear him speak level of hate:
McLame losing a GOP Senate seat to a RAT is kind of offset by the good of never having to hear McLame talk out of both sides of his mouth in DC!
Ceebass finds McCain's primary candidate impure, but you go to war with the army you have...
Support Dr. Kelli Ward

in her effort to unseat John McCain

Kelli Ward endorsed Rubio, which makes me wonder where she stands on illegals.

But with McCain there’s no doubt.
But the primary challenger is getting no traction. So Lurkinanloomin considers other options:
I hope McAmnesty gets Cantorized in the primary.

If he doesn’t AZ voters should hold their noses for the Democrat and unseat them in 6 years.
hillarys cankles also:
At this point I don’t even care if the seat goes to the dems.

McCain is a closet dem anyway. At least we’ll know what we have right off the bat with a rat officially holding the seat.
fortheDeclaration too:
If I were in Ariz. I would vote for the Democrat!
And VerySadAmerican:
If I was in AZ I’d vote for the democrat.
Lurkinanloomin joins the gang:
I don’t live in AZ but if I did I would vote for the Democrat in the D jersey this time to get rid of the Democrat in the R jersey.
Hey, Tupelo is actually from Arizona!
I can guaran-damn tee one thing;
If John McCain is the Uni-party nominee, I will be voting for Ann Kirkpatrick. That will cancel out at least one McCain supporter.
Another Arizonan, FlingWingFlyer keeps his hate squarely on the Democrat. And she's a woman, so it gets ugly:
Kirkpatrick is a fraud. She tries to come across as some kind of freaky conservative republican/democrat when running for office.
However, she’s one of Obama’s “hos” that always votes 100% RAT. She gets the veteran vote by bull****ing them with her campaign ads.

All of the horny old ranchers here in eastern Arizona have got the hots for her. Four years ago she ran a sickening campaign ad with a bunch of Brokeback Mountain, Phoenix cowboys in their Gucci suits, hats and boots sitting around a “campfire” drinking Starbucks out of tin cups and saying how wonderful she was. Made me puke.
Extremely Extreme Extremist knows the only one who can save him now:
Governor Palin better not save his bacon again.
Safetgiver wants us to know we've always been at war with McCain:
I’ve been here since 2000 and NEVER heard anyone support McCain. You got the right forum?
Free Republic wasn't as orgasmic about McCain as they were about Palin or Trump, but they did think he was going to go Rambo on Columbian drug gangs

Another win-win for Democrats who read Free Republic! Either we pick up a seat, or Freepers rage about McCain for 6 more years!


  1. Freepers are only capable of liking one person at a time, and are big on "group-think".

    That explains the current utter hatred for former conservative saint Ted Cruz.

  2. trump's not the only ny rino trolling for freeper cred, a foot in the oval office or at least a warm seat at faux news:

    Guiliani: "Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS"

    20yearsofinternet: "His endorsement is going to be LEGENDARY, especially when Trump hints he’s going to be his go-to guy for busting up organized terror cells and Mexican drug gangs."