Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Special: Rush offers apology to Slut!

Freepers have doubled down on Rush's birth control = being a slut argument. Now Rush has retracted, and Freepers feel the whiplash and respond with a deep, rich vein of madness.

This one is long, so buckle up!


If she were my daughter I would slap her.

Ergo, Slut.


Wonder if his wife made him do this.

Mr Rogers:
I’m trying to recall when a vile leftist spewing on TV or radio made an apology. I can’t recall one, ever. Anyone?
Everyone apologizes when the sponsors feel it! From Randi Rhodes to Ed Shultz to Bill Maher!

july4thfreedomfoundation also has no idea about the real world:


This is why the left wins....THEY don’t back down.

Have you checked out Obama's tactics? Backing down is his go-to move!

Tzimisce knows what this apology means:

We are so ****ed in this country. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

When you can't call random women you disagree with sluts, America has ended!

skeeter knows I'm a sucker for nonsensical mixed metaphors:

Surely Rush knows his apology won’t be accepted, but rather is blood on the water to leftwing hyenas.

alloysteel re-doubles down:
The only apology I see that Rush SHOULD have made, was that the language he used was not nearly strong enough.

But mere modern English sometimes fails, and we must fall back on weak weasel-words like “slut” or “prostitute”, neither of which fully convey the contemptible behavior we have seen from Sandra Fluke.

She actually thinks she is the wounded innocent one here.

humblegunner thinks Rush is a slut now, I think:


She’s a slut, and Limbaugh is stooping to her level in making this statement.

Future Snake Eater takes solace that Freeper hatred of Fluke is forever:

Frankly, I think it’s irrelevant. Fluke is an internet meme now. She’s outted to the whole world as a slut, no matter what Rush says. Hope she’s proud!

Kit cat poses like 20 of these contentless crazy screeds:
Rush NEEDS us to ENDLESSLY back him
caww is pretty sure Rush apologized so he wouldn't be assassinated:

Kit realistic...Rush and others are operating on a different plain then the rest of us. They murder each other if attacking the purse doesn’t work, and they get away with it.

If your family was threatened by those far more powerful then you, and many people relied on you what would you do.????

So get real they don’t say politics is nasty business for nothing....Obama IS the president and when he says jump there are those who will do so for anything he might ask....or else.

Right_in_Virginia thinks this was a Rush masterstroke:

Classic Rush. He frames the issue, smacks Obama and apologizes not for the sentiment ... but for the word choice.

Classic :-)

TMA62 agrees, big victory for Rush!

Now, watch a number of his former sponsors do an about face and advertise on his show next week. Boy, the libs will be in melt-down mode big time!!

Pride in the USA laments the left didn't get the joke!!

It’s just like Rush has always said, the left has no sense of humor.

Kenny knows this outrage is secretly the organized left:

Conservatives have no way to win and probably don’t deserve to win. The left is organized to the nth degree, seminar callers, letter-writing campaigns, registering phony voters, etc. Conservatives on the other hand don’t really want to devote all that time and effort to fighting the left, too busy.

Too late to organize now, think we missed our chance when we took a sabatical from the Tea Party.

montag813 is sure this whole experience is a conspiracy, planned long ago:

This phony contraception “issue” was planned at the highest levels by the DNC and Obama 2012 campaign. It was discussed for months. They despeately needed a wedge issue to win back the women they lost in 2010, or Obama would lose.
And this is what they came up with.
It revealed itself first as a seemingly bizarre question by George Stephanopoulos at that debate. It certainly doesn’t seem bizarre now - because we have been played by the best, step-by-step according to how Dr. Alinsky wrote it.
And we fell for it.
Rush fell into it.
Sandra Fluke will one day be looked back at in the same way as Anita Hill. And make no mistake, this is going to hurt us BIG TIME on November 6th. When will we LEARN the Alinsky method, instead of merely being serial victims of it?

kanawa agrees, only it was originally against Palin:
I have a suspicion it, in conjunction with Game Change, was orginally intended to target Palin.
When she didn't get in the race they decided to run with it anyway.
Not quite the direct hit they had wanted but still able to be used with some effect against generic Republicans.
itssme thinks Fluke was an Obama PLANT!
Fluke is a socialist/marxist/communist/fascist/revolutionary/islamic sympathizer PLANT. Mother Pelosi and Father Oboma were her handlers...and Saul Alinsky and his tactics are their god.
Go Nuclear Rush!

Talk about Arpaio.

Let's have a March on Washington that you organize to remove the Marxist Fraud occupying the White House.

God Bless America.

Yes, that would be perfect.


  1. Just pointing out a tiny detail, Bill Maher doesn't have any sponsors, since he's on HBO.

    That said, I think the only reason Rush apologized was because he faced losing a lot of his sponsors.

  2. Wow. The misogyny on Free Republic has hit levels that surprise even me.

  3. Tzimisce heh heh. Funny mental images abound.

  4. When you want to hang your fellow Americans from lampposts, you know America has become Iraq. These comments might as well have come from a pissed off Arab... We are so fucked.

  5. I haven't been keeping a close (enough) eye on this event to know all the details, but I do believe public figures like Rush need to be more careful about how they present themselves. The backlash is obvious, if he had stated his point more clearly, he could have saved his ass. But of course, a torch bearer of "proper values", acts like a fool. He wouldn't be the first.

    LOOK OUT ITS A GUERRILLA LIBIE! COMING IN HOT LIKE THE ANC (African National Congress, fought for the freedoms of black South Africans. Considered a terrorist organization by the Apartheid government, never was)!

    The articulation of hate is astounding, I really think I've learned some new words. Righty-tightys are always exquisite word smiths. But I feel pity for the level Republican rhetoric. All the mental energy goes to new, and never clever catch phrases. What happened to clear and rational points of contention? Personal morality is not enough to base any law on, especially when you live in a culturally diverse nation. You share the country, and you have to make compromises. Love it or leave it. By the way, Anyone read Rousseau? People like Jefferson had clearly been influenced by his political philosophy. Social Contract is probably the most to the point.
    The main point I'd like to make is that Right in America needs real political activists, not loud and vulgar people raging about conspiracies. People who have a clear vision, can diplomatically resolve situations, and base there decisions more on a utilitarian view, then personal.

    Why do you care if someone takes birth control? Its not your problem, and it shouldn't be. I don't care how many guns any one owns, as long as they don't point them at me. Why do the children of the ideal of freedom cringe and sneer at others? Birth control does not contribute in any way to the moral degradation of society. Find a state, please, I dare you. What does is hate, fear, and the willingness to oppress others. I say gender equality.

    Now, I'm going to go do drugs, bang a hooker under my my shrine to Hugo Chavez in the back of my not made in America VW bus while I read Noam Chomsky and burn an American Flag.

    LET THE HATE FLOW THROUGH YOU! (anyone get that?)

    Comment deleted in T minus...

    1. I am not from America but this story got enough airplay around the world for me to at least take partial interest - mainly for the slamming that the demi-god that seems to be Rush received.

      I have had a quick read through these comments and others and despair that they reinforce a perception of America that is all too prevalent.

      I had to attach my comment to this response because it is measured, reasonable and really the MOST reflective of what a free country represents. Not just a free country 'as long as it aligns with my ideals and I will crush anything that conflicts'.

  6. Far-right Conservatives are funny Freudian specimens aren't they? I'll never understand, beyond an academic psychology viewpoint, why you're all so overly-obsessed about what kind and how much sex gays and women are having. I can't say either ever crosses my mind since I'm neither gay nor a woman. It doesn't directly or indirectly concern me or bear any consequence to my life ergo I don't care enough to devote any mental energy to such trivial concerns.
    Something you'd like unburden yourself from conservative North America?

  7. You people make me sick.

  8. People who have no life love to rage on a pretty educated independent woman who doesn't live in her parent's basement, I guess.

    1. Shes talking about having more sex than a rabbit...she shouldnt be bragging about that. Its just not lady like...shes not a dude so she shouldnt be bragging about that.its nothing to be proud of. Being a dirty cum recepticle and cum whore is just gross. Her parents must be so proud of what a nasty disease ridden thing that is their daughter.

    2. Oh so if a guy bragged about that it's fine?
      Ever heard of gender equality?
      I'm never going to America if the second you see a woman with an opinion you calm her a whore and a slag .
      How about instead of commenting on her sexual abilities (wich Is frankly not anyone's bussiness but her) you comment on her political views considering this is POLITICS

  9. >Conservative memes