Thursday, March 15, 2012

Newt's $2.50 gas

Newt's promising $2.50 gas. Freepers (I thought they were for Santorum now?) marshal the evidence to defend this claim:

avacado blames the Fed:
Crude oil globally is tied to the dollar so as long as Obama keeps printing “free” money crude oil will remain high as Obama continues to weaken the dollar. It ain’t rocket science.
Secret inflation!

richardtavor knows Bush brought gas prices down!
In the later years of the Bush Presidency, he opened up more federal lands to drilling which directly led to a $1.79 gas price. obama has increased the cost by denying drilling on most federal land and stopped drilling on the offshore.
Yet another direct connection only Freepers can see.

ZULU thinks if we just fix America's economy, we're all set:
If we switch to using nuclear power and coal to power our generators, drill everywhere we can, STOP speculators from gambling on the price of oil and revive our economic base by bringing jobs back to America, thus increasing the value of the dollar, YES. This CAN be done.
ichabod1 knows it's easy. Too easy to actually discuss.
The thing that makes me so heartsick is that it would be SO EASY to drive prices down and light this economy on fire.
If we had a president who knew or cared about the basic principles of economics, this depression would be long gone. I suppose though, at this point, that’s the last thing we want... if he got smart now he could win re-election.
I don’t want us to get so tied up in presidential politics that we forget about flooding the congress with strong conservative reformers.
It could actually be fun to have a dominant house and a veto proof Senate, and a communist presi_ent. We could isolate him in that house, bottle him up completely with legislation. Put him in the bunker like the Russians taking Berlin. Make him a lame duck for four long years.
Cut his funding, reverse his executive orders, filibuster (or vote down) his SC nominees. But I wouldn't want to chance it.
faucetman loves to say things, but has trouble with connecting them to facts that are true.
All of Newt's ideas would drop the price immediately! Just the news of these policies would cause prices to drop, before one drop more of oil is pumped.

Not to mention that we could be 100% off oil from bad actor countries. We could get all of our energy from North America FOREVER! Obama says 2% of world supply. NONSENSE! With new procedures and discoveries we have more proven reserves than anyone! Our oil is “sweet” as compared to mid east SLUDGE.

Peak oil is a myth. New oil is being created by the earth's magma every day. We will NEVER run out of oil. Due to technology and scientific advances, our need for fossil fuels will diminish over time. E-Cat for one.
New Jersey Realist...not such a realist:
I refuse to believe gas can’t sell below $2.00 per gallon or even $1.50.
kenmcg has blind faith in Newt's powers:
Damn right he can. He engineered a contract with America that enabled the pubs to gain control of the house. While speaker, he brought Clinton to the table and got welfare reform and a balanced budget. Remember Hillary whining about welfare reform? Bottom line, Newt can do it!


  1. "Not to mention that we could be 100% off oil from bad actor countries."

    OMG you mean there are Countries full of Raygun's and Fred Thompson's??? Who knew???

  2. I'd like to know what state (or reality) where gas was $1.79 in 2008? I remember it being close to $4/gallon.