Friday, December 23, 2011

Freepers discuss 'It's a Wonderful Life.'

Conservative Michael Grahamwrites a wacky piece about how It's a Wonderful Life glorifies the insolvent George Baily and vilifies the successful banker Potter. Freepers discuss:

Fiji Hill would change only that George's wife became a spinster librarian, because librarian is too cool for her dystopian life. He has a much worse job for her:
Had I been in charge, rather than giving her a prestigious profession, I would have made her a New Deal bureaucrat.
Mich Patriot thinks Potter is only a jerk at the very end:

I’ve raised criticism of this movie for its “hate the rich and powerful” message too, BUT overall I like the movie very much. I get past my distaste for the central message by remembering that Potter was indeed a jerk in the end, by not giving the deposit money back to the Baileys.

Because being a capitalist means you never have to apologize for being an asshole!

RushingWater wants a buffer angel.

Well I like the movie except the angel is shown as a namby pamby when in reality they are awesome powerful beings. Also in reality the Building and Loan should have turned the corner with its success and been much more profitable. Oh, the plot holes!

LibLieSlayer loves the movie, but still hates liberals!
I loved the movie... Jimmy Stewart was a full blown Military Hero... though few know it... and I HATE all progressives. I hate that they make me hate!
Ghost of Philip Marlowe likes the movie, so liberals must hate it!

It is not just a nice movie.

It is an excellent movie with an excellent message.

Liberals don’t like it because it is an excellent example of how pop culture can praise traditional American values and how it can be done artistically.

And, as we all know, all communication channels in this country are only supposed to speak the Marxist message.

Merry CHRISTmas, everybody!!


  1. Their crazy has no off switch. I'm honestly not sure I could deal with a relative like this over the holidays.

  2. This thread really shows how Freepers view life. Everything is black or white, there is no nuance, and everything on the screen must be agenda driven.